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What Is Content Creation?

Content Creation

What Is Content Creation?

Content creation is a term we hear a lot these days.  All it means is creating communications media for your company’s audience. The content could be videos, images, Gifs, written blogs, marketing material, podcasts etc.  All it really means is communicating with your audience. Often content creation refers to publishing media specifically online.

For a business, this can mean writing a weekly blog or having a regular podcast show.  What makes content creation different is that it’s not just any type of material. Content creation refers to creating some form of program, or relationship building media for an audience. 

Before the internet got popular, this structure already existed. There were television programs that had enriched and engaging storytelling content that people loved, interspersed with commercials, where businesses could advertise and reach their target audiences. 

After the internet became more popular, a lot of traffic/audiences moved online.  Businesses were still advertising, minus some of that great programming!  There was a drop or gap in the quality of storytelling content associated with a lot of advertising.  Businesses were often just writing blogs, posting link saturated web pages, or strategically disconnected videos on their YouTube channel.

With the rise of social media, when technology allowed video production to become more affordable, and when bandwidth speeds got better, video publishing became more popular and widespread.  

Decent Media Content To Go With Advertising

With content creation, the idea is that we’re trying to recreate decent programming to match with our advertising, so that we’re not always just marketing directly to our audience, or to our customers.  In many cases, businesses are not providing that rich storytelling content that once existed. 

The television world is a really good example because there was always a marriage between advertising and content.  And if you think about it that way, content creation is not really a new concept. The only thing that has changed is now businesses have their own channels and they need to replace that content to keep the audience engaged.

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